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Inpatient Services

Behavioral Health Services at BRMC has developed a comprehensive Inpatient Program to meet the demands of patients seeking quality medical care. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of children and adolescents, adults and the geriatric population, the Inpatient Program at BRMC leads patients towards healthy mental living by providing expert care.

Each of our inpatient units provides specialty services on a consultative basis. This includes medical, dental, pediatric-dental and nutritional attention. Patients are also provided with a wide range of recreational activities through our full-service gymnasium, swimming pool and art therapy resource room. Our professional staff works extensively with community service providers to ensure case planning and continuity of care.

Short-term and long-term services for adult patients are determined following a full evaluation and assessment of needs. Care management ranges from individual, group and family therapy to medical monitoring and patient education. Extensive after-care planning is provided to complete treatment procedures. Full range of professional staff includes:

Children and Adolescents
Two designated units provide care for children and adolescents ages 5 through 17:

Full range of professional staff includes:

Geriatric Patients

Complete psychiatric services are available for geriatric patients seeking mental health care. Offered on a short or long-term basis, patients are provided with a broad scope of services that begin with a full evaluation and assessment of needs. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy, medication monitoring, education groups and comprehensive after-care planning. Full range of professional staff includes:

For more information, contact Behavioral Health Services at 1.800.730.BRMC.