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    Mental Health Task Force

Ambulatory Services

Outpatient Programs

The Outpatient Program at BRMC offers children, adolescents, adults and older adults traditional services such as initial evaluation and treatment plans, including therapy and medication management. Services are offered for the mentally ill and chemically addicted. Patients in this program typically seek treatment for the following:

Acute Partial Hospitalization Programs

The Acute Partial Hospitalization Programs at BRMC is designed to fully meet the needs of adults and older adults. A staff of qualified professionals work extensively to ensure that individuals at the Acute Partial Hospitalization Program receive intensive outpatient intervention services through this full, five-day program to avoid hospitalization or extended inpatient stay. Patients admitted to this program require intensive care to remain active in their communities and do not require 24-hour supervision.

MICA Partial Hospitalization

The MICA Partial Hospitalization Programs at BRMC is available to adults and older adults to provide treatment services for individuals who have both mental health and chemical dependency problems. The program is available Monday through Friday, and offers patients structured treatment services to reduce symptoms, maintain community functioning and prevent relapse.