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2010 Events:

Concert for the Chapel
A Concert to Benefit the Renovation of the Bergen Regional Medical Center Chapel

Tues., Oct. 12, 2010 @ 7pm
The Theatre at Bergen Community College
Tickets: $35 per person

An evening of diverse and inspirational music to benefit the patients, long term care residents and families served by the pastoral care department and multi-denominational chapel at Bergen Regional.

A Taste of Bergen • Nov. 15

A Taste of Bergen


Thank-you to all of those who attended,
supported, and participated in "A Taste of Bergen 2010"

View a slideshow of the event.

Janice Tinari from Janice - a Bistro, HoHoKus, NJ demonstrates her talent and talks about "A Taste of Bergen".

The Chapel at Bergen Regional Medical Center is the only source of spiritual and pastoral care for more than 570 long term care residents who live at New Jersey’s largest licensed nursing home.

Unlike other facilities whose chapel is mostly a secondary or ancillary source of spiritual healing, the Chapel at BRMC is the primary and only source of religious inspiration to those long term care residents who call Bergen Regional their home.

The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center’s Chapel Restoration project is a $150,000 endeavor to create a multi-faith, diverse, inspirational and functional source of spiritual inspiration that channels the demonstrated healing power of pastoral care. This new space will not only benefit the long term care residents at the facility but also the patients, families, visitors, staff and community served by New Jersey’s largest hospital.

The new chapel will easily be converted for whatever religious group utilizes the space. It will be outfitted with technology to allow the long term care residents to easily see and hear the services from the Chapel or their rooms.

Special features include custom chairs to better accommodate the special needs of BRMC’s long term care population, space allocation for wheelchairs, modernization of décor and design and the creation of a space that reflects the diversity of the population served.

This project will turn an old, dark and diversity challenged space into a modern multi-faith chapel that meets the needs of any and all who seek religious services.

To fund this project, the Foundation is kicking off a ‘Season of Giving’ on October 12, 2010 with ‘The Concert for the BRMC Chapel Renovation Project’ at the Theatre at Bergen Community College beginning at 7pm. Diverse musical groups will provide inspirational music and special guest star, famed Jazz Guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, will headline the second portion of the program. Tickets for this event are $35 each.

BRMC Support the Foundation

View Photos from the Foundation's 17th Annual Golf Classic
Thank-you for your support!

Three Reasons to Support The Foundation

  1. Enhances the quality of life for those served by the Bergen Regional Medical Center.
  2. Supports educational programs for professionals, consumers and caregivers.
  3. Educates the community about health issues and services available at Bergen Regional Center.

The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center (BRMC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (Federal ID# 22-3135663) founded in 1991 as the fundraising arm of the medical center.

The Foundation consists of volunteers from many professions and walks of life.  The one thing they all have in common is their commitment and concern for the residents and patients at BRMC.

The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center
With a glance at a woman in her sixties who suffered neurological arrest, one can feel her pain and suffering. A woman once so vibrant and caring for her family was left in the fetal position with feeding tubes and severe depression. She initially only responded to French, her native tongue. Her family was told that she might never come out of this state. After receiving therapy and attending classes regularly at the Bergen Regional Horticultural Therapy Center, she not only regained her smile, she regained her mobility too. Staff and family members are still astonished by her progress.

Thanks to the support of people like you, this is one of only many similar stories.  The Foundation has offered many patients and residents an enhanced quality life and happiness because of continued generous support and donations.

Quality of Life Enhancements for Patients and Residents
The Foundation helps provide clothing, personal care items, hair salon services, pastoral care programs and gifts (particularly during holidays) for residents and patients in need.  Many of these individuals often have no family or no one nearby to care for them. The Foundation also assists with enhancements to patient, resident and community areas of the hospital such as the chapel, the lobby, the coffee shop and the auditorium. The Foundation was instrumental in creating the walkway to the BRMC 911 Memorial site.  This site, one of the only in the State to feature every name of all those lost on September 11, 2001, now has a paved path for the patients and residents of BRMC to use because of the Foundation’s support.

Support of Educational Programs
Since Bergen County has the largest number of older adults in New Jersey, The Foundation supports conferences and seminars to address the needs of this growing population.  The Foundation sponsors conferences to address the concerns of the elderly, their families, and caregivers.  The Foundation also sponsors accredited conferences for healthcare professionals who work within a wide range of disciplines.  In addition, the Foundation sponsors Community Health fairs and a variety of no-cost community workshops.

orchidEstablishment and Support of a Horticultural Therapy Center
This wheelchair accessible greenhouse for BRMC residents has had a profound and favorable impact on their quality of life.  Horticultural therapy uses plants and plant-related activities to improve the body, mind and spirit. It stimulates the senses.  The program is coordinated by a horticultural therapist and is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Employee and Volunteer Programs 
The Foundation supports programs and activities to salute the dedicated team at the hospital.  These hospital-wide activities are attended by residents, their families and the community.  They offer us an opportunity to thank the staff and reward the individuals who have taken time out of their busy lives to help others.

The Annual Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center Golf and Tennis Classic
This event is the largest annual fundraising activity for the Foundation.  Traditionally held each May, the Golf and Tennis classic is a fun filled day that culminates with an outstanding cocktail hour and dinner reception.  For more information on participating in the event, contact Susan Burkhardt at 201.967.4615. 

Wall of Inspiration 
Associations, companies and individuals who contribute donations of $1000 or more will be recognized on brass plaques located on the Wall of Inspiration in the hospital lobby.

Donations can be sent to:
The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center
230 East Ridgewood Ave.
Paramus, NJ 07652

Contact the Foundation:
Phone: 201.967.4615