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The BRMC Chaplains

Rabbi Barry Schneider Bishop Charles Singletary
Rabbi Barry Schneider Bishop Charles Singletary
Father John Quill
Father John Quill Imam Mohamed El Filali

Pastoral Care

Much has been written about the connection between spirituality and healing.

To see evidence of this first hand, you need only to come to Bergen Regional and watch the interaction between our patients and long term care residents and our Chaplains.

The Pastoral Care Department at Bergen Regional Medical Center is a vital part of the healthcare team and provides a diverse range of spiritual services to all those the Medical Center serves.

In addition to being a leading provider of mental health and addiction services, Bergen Regional is New Jersey’s largest hospital and is the largest licensed nursing home in the state.  The Pastoral Care Chaplains minister to thousands of people and most notably, the only source for spiritual inspiration and religious services for more than 570 long term care residents who call BRMC their home is the Chapel at Bergen Regional.

The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center is raised money to renovate the antiquated chapel space into a modern, multi-denominational, spiritual hub appropriate for the needs of our diverse patient and long term care resident population.

This goal was right in line with the mission of The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center,
a NJ 501 c3 non for profit organization.


Pastoral Care Volunteers

Bergen Regional Medical Center Volunteers Selected as HCANJ Volunteer Group of the Year




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